16. 12. 2013 se narodilo 6 štěňátek ze spojení Aron Bladake a Andra Bahía Onca. 4 fenky a 2 psi.

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This year the exhibition was held in Rovensko pod Troskami is in the recreation area Palda. As the judge was invited by Mr. Luis Fernando Zanetti Coeli from Brazil, the second referee CAFIB was Mr. Jan Kubes.

Aron Bladake: 1st place in the category of dogs over 24 months

                        Best dog of the show

                        1st place in the test temperament.

                        Temperament "otimo"

Aron's aunt Bella ze Skalního kraje: 1st place in the category of females over 24 months, best female, BOB, best head.

The results of the analysis.

The results of the exhibition.


4.4. 2011



20.3. 2011



21.2. 2011 - 12 puppies were born.

6 males and 6 females

12_mimi_a_mama.jpg 12_mimi.jpg 3dena.jpg


3.2. 2011 - In late February, we expect puppies
from the combination of Aron Bladake and Denny ze Skalního kraje



10. - 12. 9. 2010 - International exhibition Onceiro - CAFIB

We attended at exhibition organized by Specialized cynologic club Onceiro on this weekend. The exhibition was take place at beautiful region Lednicko, was very well organized and weather was perfect as well. As a judge was invited Mr. Américo Cardoso dos Santos Jr., one of founders of CAFIB and one of most respected judge of fila brasilileiro breed. He cooperates with Dr. Paul Santo Cruz on rescuing authentic fila brasileiro. He himself has been breeding filas for a long years, he have own kennel do Araguaya.

On Saturday Aron Bladake was participated in analysis of phenotype, temperament and nervous system. He was approved for CAFIB breeding. On Sunday we take part in exhibition in category Males over 24 months. In this category we take 1st place with overall mark very good, temperament optimal (excellent). He was second best male of exhibition.

Aron_v_stava_Lednice_24_mes_1.jpg.jpg  Aron_v_stava_Lednice_nej_pes.jpg.jpg  Aron_temperament.jpg.jpg

On exhibition also get excellent results two sisters of Aron mother.

Bella ze Skalního kraje: 1st place, mark very good, temperament optimal, Best head, Best female, BOB, 2nd place in temperament test.

Brigida ze Skalního kraje: 5th place, mark very good, temperament optimal.

 Bellad.jpg.jpg Bellabednaa.jpg.jpg Brigida_ze_Skaln_ho_kraje.jpg.jpg


24.4.2010 - Aron is 2 years old.

Today Aron have second birthday.He grows up to the beautiful and self-confident dog.

Aron_2_roky_1.JPG.jpg Aron_2_roky_3.JPG.jpg  Aron_2_roky_6.JPG.jpg

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10.9.2009 - Rozhodnutí Komory veterinárních lékařů ČR.

Rozhodnutí - Komora veterinárních lékařů ČR


30.8.2009 - MVP Mladá Boleslav.

We attended with Aron at International dog exhibition in Mladá Boleslav.

On this exhibition Aron fulfilled last condition for taking breeding FCI.


29.7. 2009 X-ray results.

We have  X-ray results of our Aron Bladake and I enjoy them very much.

DKK 0/0 (HD A/A)

DLK 0/0

Considering his easy and graceful movement I hope for that result.

I'm very glad, that he is fully healthy.


24.5. 2009 - MVP Litomerice.

Aron has participate on his second FCI exhibition. The judge was Mrs. Bozena Ovesna.

In junior class he received mark excellent 1

Unfortunately he lost title CAJC because of his temperament.


3.5. 2009 MVP Prague.

Today Aron participate on his first international exhibition FCI in Prague.

Fila ware judged by M. Vaclavik, one of the most hardest judges.

In junior class he received mark excellent 1



12.3. 2009 Walk.

Today was nice weather after a long time, so we had a long walk to forest.

Blanche_b_ezen_2009_2.jpg.jpg Aron_Blanche_b_ezen_2009_1.jpg.jpg Aron_b_ezen_2009_1.jpg.jpg


21.12. 2008

I wish Merry Christmas to all friends, acquaintances and fila lovers.

In New Year many bredding successes and wonderful moments with our darlings.


 Aron_8_mesicu_1.JPG.jpg  Aron_8_mesicu_3.JPG.jpg


13.9.-14.9. 2008 VII. International exhibition Onceiro-CAFIB

On weekend Aron was presented on his first exhibition.

On Saturday was phenotype analysis judged by Mr. Luciano José de Almeida Gaviao and Aron was temporary approved. He can be finally approved after his 12th month.

On Sunday was the exhibition. Aron placed 3rd in his puppy class (3 - 6 months old).

 Aron_vystava_09_2008_4.jpg.jpg   Aron_v_stava_09_2008_3.jpg.jpg  Aron_vystava_09_2008_5.jpg.jpg 


18.7. 2008 New photos.

In "Aron" a "Dágaba, Blanche a Aron" galleries are new photos.

I hope you would like them.


19.6. 2008 Aron is 8 weeks old.

Weight is 10,6 kg.

Aron_8_tydnu_7.JPG.jpg  Aron_8_tydnu_1.JPG.jpg  Aron_8_tydnu_4.JPG.jpg

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12.6. 2008 Aron is 7 weeks old.

Weight 9 kg.


 Aron_7_tydnu_3.JPG.jpg  Aron_7_tydnu_4.JPG.jpg

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5.6. 2008 Aron is 6 weeks old.

I'm a proper dog.

Weight is 6,7 kg.

Aron_6_tydnu_2.JPG.jpg Aron_6_tydnu_a_Blanche_1.JPG.jpg Aron_6_tydnu_8.JPG.jpg

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22.5. 2008 Aron is 4 weeks old.

Aron is vivacious, he is probing nearest neighborhood and he is trying his teeth.

His weight is 4,5 kg.


Aron_4_tydny_3.JPG.jpg   Aron_4_tydny_2.JPG.jpg


15.5. 2008 Aron is 3 weeks old.

Next week is gone and Aron is now 3 weeks old.

His weight is 3 300g.

Aron_3_tydny_3.JPG.jpg  Blanche_a_Aron_2008_3.JPG.jpg Aron_3_tydny_5.JPG.jpg

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8.5.2008 Aron is 2 weeks old.
Aron_2_tydny_2.JPG.jpg  Aron_2_tydny_1.JPG.jpg  Aron_2_tydny_3.JPG.jpg 


1.5. 2007 Our new member is 1 week old

Dog is vivacious. He is eating a lot, sleeping well and his weight is growing.

His weight in 1 week is 1 300 g. 



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24.4. 2008 The puppie was born

Today was born a new member of our pack - beautiful boy.

His weight after birth is 600 g.


7.4. 2008 Future mummy

For a planned birth of puppies is remaining just 14 days. 





26. 3. 2008 Secrets of pregnacy our bitch Blanche

My nerves were constantly on edge if she is pregnant.

Depending on her behavior I think that she could be. She doesn't play to much with her friend Daga, she is more smugly and she is eating even more than usually.

Today we were on sonography and finally I saw the babies!!!

One was very moving and it researching itself leg. The other one was sleeping and looks pleased.

So keep fingers crossed for her at the late of April.


18. 2. 2008 Cover

We make a planned trip to Germany for our Blanche's  husband.

Weather was fantastic, for February time was very warm and sunny.

So, now we'll wait, if the babies will be born.


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13. 2. 2008 Planned cover

After a long thinking, I pick up for our bitch Blanche ze Skalního kraje a future father of her puppies Samba II de el Siledin from Spain kennel.

Blanche_hlava_07.JPG.jpg Samba_vystava.jpg.jpg