Aron_09_2011_2.JPG* 24.4.2008

pedigree FCI

pedigree Onceiro 1 2

Aprovado CAFIB

judge Américo Cardoso dos Santos Jr. (Brazil) 

certifikate of analysis CAFIB 2  (survey from year 2008)

Stud Dog FCI 

DKK 0/0 (HDA/A)

DLK 0/0

Full dentition, scissors, height 68 cm.

A dog with excellent movement and excellent temperament.


Father: Samba II de el Siledin

* 25.1.2006



DKK 0/0 (HD A negative)

DLK 0/0

Samba is a dog with strong skeleton, perfect movement

and equable and calm nature.

He come from kennel el Siledin

(Spain) from a long-time breeder of authentic

fila brasileiro Mr. José Salvador Martínez.

The owner is not attended FCI shows much (it is not her priority).

But when he attended, he was judged excellent.

22.4. 2007 Langenthal - 1 er excellent CAC

14.10.2007 Strasbourg - 1 er excellent CACS - CACIB

27.8.2008 Langenthal - V1 CAC, club winner

Stuttgart - V1

Darmstadt - V1

Mother: Blanche ze Skalního kraje

* 26.5.2004



Aprovada CAFIB

referee Carlos do Amaral Cintra Filho from Brazil

DKK 0/0 (HD A negative)

exhibitions and other information


13. - 14.9.2008   

International exhibition Lednice

judge Luciano José de Almeida Gaviao from Brazil

and Jan Kubeša

class 3 – 6 month: 3rd place

final evaluation:  very good



 10. - 12.9.2010

International exhibition Lednice

judge Carlos do Amaral Cintra Filho from Brazil

class 24 months and older: 1rd place

temperament: optimal (excellent)

final evaluation:  very good

 10.9. - 11.9. 2011

International exhibition Rovensko pod Troskami

judge Luís Fernando Zanetti Coeli from Brasil and

Jan Kubeša

class 24 months and older: 1rd place

temperament, ojeriza: optimal (excellent)

Best male.

Best temperament.


International show dogs Praha

judge M. Václavík   

class  9 - 18 months: excellent 1     

International show dogs Litomerice

judge Mgr. Božena Ovesná

class  9 - 18 months: excellent 1


International show dogs Mlada Boleslav

judge Vladimír Adlt